1. 1.
    ing. merhamet, insaf, acima duygusu
    ... antistar
  2. 2.
    paradise lost un tribute albümünden bir parça. orphaned land ise coverlamış çok da iyi etmiş. güzel de bir solosu var.
    ... firest0rmph0enix
  3. 3.
    within a sign there's a promise
    don't lose all faith cause you shake at night
    it's in the art of the process

    in another rhyme, beyond this place
    the healing's fast enough...
    done a thousand times, a thousands ways
    until you've had enough

    it's mercy you're asking for, cheating life by taking more
    it's mercy you're asking for, take my life or give me more...

    the loss of prize possessions
    to cure the mind's obsession
    could trade your soul for that normal life
    elite to all objections...

    see beyond all tears, and broken years
    your senses giving up
    lose all confidence at your expense
    your courage swallowed up
    ... st27
  4. 4.
    (bkz: show no mercy)
    -1 ... diyonsos
  5. 5.
    nesildaşım bir yazar.*
    (bkz: dördüncü nesil)
    1 -1 ... ulak
  6. 6.
    (bkz: no mercy)
    -2 ... what is your problem 2
  7. 7.
    (bkz: mercy st)
    ... birdy
  8. 8.
    bir chris corner şaheseridir..sözleri de şöledir ;

    When I melt in the kiss by the words and the whispers you sing me
    And I'm frail in the kill by submission and will that you bring me
    When I'm nothing but ego, you slap me to let go and sleep free
    Now I sleep free

    You're my toybox
    You're my memories
    When I smell your skin you just make my whole world weep
    I'm at your feet
    I'm at your feet

    when the grey turns to black and the wave's on my back, you make me smile
    Is the trauma no martyr you crush into pleasure and downtown
    It's the shining of you that just breaks me in two like a lifeline
    You're my lifeline

    I'm the idiot to your poetry
    When you burn you bleach
    Everything and all I need
    Is at your feet
    Is at your feet

    Are the licks and the lips of temptation, just tricks, not for playing?
    Are you the camera suck, gun slut to headphone fuck holes in my being
    Are you everything which put the sex into bitch, or just faking?
    Do you fake it?

    So I celebrate your chemistry
    If you bond with me
    I could make your whole world sweet
    I'm on my knees
    I'm on my knees

    On my knees
    On my knees
    On my knees
    On my knees
    1 ... lestad
  9. 9.
    mortal kombat ta animality yapmak için rakibe az bir damage verip canlandırmaktır. ekran sonuna gidip koşma basılı durumdayken 3 defa aşağı yapıp koşma tuşu bırakılmalıdır.
    1 ... vurursa gol olur
  10. 10.
    duffy nin söylediği koparan bir şarkı.
    -1 ... unique270