1. 1.
    geçmiş olsun dediğim, hemen toparlanmasını dilediğim yazar. veya melek. ne bileyim.
    3 ... mayonez
  2. 2.
    eğlenceli major bir şarkı..Arkadaşlarla tatile giderken dinlenmelik..

    she stepped off the bus out into the city streets
    just a small town girl with her whole life
    packed in a suitcase by her feet

    but somehow the lights didn't
    shine as bright as they did
    on her mama's tv screen

    and the work seemed harder
    and the days seemed longer
    than she ever thought they'd be

    but you know you got to stick to your guns
    when it all comes down
    cause sometimes you can't choose
    it's like heads they win
    tails you're gonna lose

    win big--mama's fallen angel
    lose big--livin' out her lies
    wants it all--mama's fallen angel
    lose it all, rollin' the dice of her life

    now she found herself in the fast lane livin' day to day
    turned her back on her best friends, yeah
    and let her family slip away

    just like a lost soul
    caught up in the hollywood scene
    all the parties and the limousines

    such a good actress hiding all her pain
    trading her memories for fortune and fame

    just a step away from the edge of a fall
    caught between heaven and hell
    where's the girl i knew a year ago


    too much too soon
    or just a little too late
    cause when her ship came in
    she wasn't there and it just wouldn't wait

    solo, chorus out
    1 ... hendrix
  3. 3.
    güzel ötesi l ame immortelle parçasıdır.

    i found you broken on the ground
    from your mouth a bitter sound
    that became sweeter as i approached
    you in your deepest agony

    i put you up and raised you well
    and more than stories ever tell
    i fell in love with you those days
    and hoped that you would too

    you've been a fallen angel
    ripped out of the sky
    but as your wings grew strong enough
    you left me - behind to die

    we built up our own world together
    for our future i assumed
    i believed in what you said that day
    but was already doomed

    the more you've learned and grown
    the less you cared for me
    but i was too blinded by my feelings
    to see the dawning agony

    i love you more than i can say
    and we will never part
    you told me nearly every day
    but still you broke my heart

    as soon as you could fly again
    into the open sky
    you left me without any reason
    back on this world to die
    ... witch
  4. 4.
    (bkz: for my fallen angel)
    1 ... wolfshade
  5. 5.
    (bkz: the fallen angel)
    2 ... laz pacino
  6. 6.
    (bkz: ballad of a fallen angel)
    (bkz: cowboy bebop)
    ... shyer
  7. 7.
    knight online için konuşuyorum abyss dungeonın en altının bi üst katında bulunan öldürmesi gayet zor küçük uçan hayvancık.
    2 ... cunaurg
  8. 8.
    (bkz: gothic hatunların fallen angel takıntısı)*
    2 ... nickimicinotuzharfgerekiyormus
  9. 9.
    tanrı tarafından görevine son verilmiş ya da kendi isteğiyle ölümlülüğü seçmiş melektir.
    ayrıca iron maiden'ın brave new world albümünde bulunan iyi bir şarkının adıdır. * *
    2 ... thor
  10. 10.
    (bkz: azazel)
    ... electro