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izmir sever bir yazar. *

file celme atan karinca

beşinci nesil yazar.

biraz visne birazda votka

altıncı nesil yazar.

canım izmir

izmir, tatlı ve sevgili şehrim..
Bir gün şayet senden uzakta ölürsem,
Beni sana getirsinler.
Fakat mezarıma götürürlerken, "Öldü" demesinler.
"Uyuyor" desinler koynunda...
Tatlı izmir'im...

canım izmir

dario moreno'nun 4 parçadan oluşan 45'liği. içindeki parçalar: canım izmir, sarı kanaryam, yavaş yavaş, ali.

kapağı için: http://45devir.net/verile...r/k1/0e1bedca0d90e759.png

baba olduktan sonra degisen erkek modeli

- baba olduğuma göre gideyim de gürültülü bi şekilde sıçayım. hakkım bu artık!

(bkz: umut sarıkaya)

that smell

lynyrd skynyrd'ın çok güzel bir şarkısı. riffler ve solo mükemmeldir.

bu şarkı grubun bir zamanlar baş belası olan alkol ve uyuşturucu illetine karşı yazılmıştır. sözler Ronnie VanZant ve Allen Collins'e aittir.

now you ve got something to die for

girişteki "Infidel, Imperial" höykürüşüyle gaza gelmemek mümkün değildir.

sasali dogal yasam parki

(bkz: dogal yasam parki)

buyuk ortadogu projesi esbaskani

(bkz: bop eşbaşkanı)


izmir'in çiğli ilçesine bağlı bir belde. nüfusu yaklaşık 5 bindir.



(bkz: mal hatun)


(bkz: malltepe park)

always rock bar

sakarya caddesi'nde gidilmeye değecek mekanlardan biri. sinevizyon gösterileri hakikaten mest eder insanı.

80'ler sevenler için güzel bir mekan.

deep inside

dark again isimli ilk albümlerini tamamlayan ve piyasaya süren ankaralı grup.



hallowed ground

(bkz: Kill Or Be Killed) (bkz: biohazard)

I'm living on hallowed ground
Right before my eyes the darkened skies hide muffeled cries
Right before my eyes the hidden lies disguised as new york died
Right before my eyes propaganda flies
You can run but you can't hide
Right before my eyes politicians lied to save their hide
Right before my eyes ny cried way, everybody died
Refuse to deny, here come the lies
I'm living on hallowed ground
Right before my eyes, ignore the cries
Millions wonder why right before my eyes
Justify the cries of those crucified
Instead you lie, you ignore their cries
Fullfill the prophecy and kill the enemy
Agree or disagree, where lies our destiny?
Enemy, an effigy
History for all to see
Infany, irony
Misery loves loyalty
Never forgive, never forget

dead to me

(bkz: Kill Or Be Killed) (bkz: biohazard)

You hate me and I hate you back
But there's a difference between you and me
Ignorance and fear pervade your small mind
You forfeit your right to live in peace
I want you to know that I will never rest
For a signle moment of your miserable life
Surgically I cut you from my world
You are my cancer and I am the knife
I cut you off, forever and a day
Never again will I look your way
You beg for mercy on your knees
No remorse, you're dead to me
You're dead to me, you're fucking dead to me
I gave you light to live in my world
But one last time you pushed too far
You selfish motherfucker, now the damage is done
You can never turn back from all out war
You can lock me down, but I hold the key
Cuz there's nothing in this world that can ever break me
Heart and mind strong, I forever stay free
My last words to you, you're dead to me
I watch you stumble
I hear you fall in the dark
Try as you may, you just can't see you're too blind
Trapped in the mirror of your dark soul
You fall again, this time from grace...
You land alone


(bkz: Kill Or Be Killed) (bkz: biohazard)

What's inside my state of mind, can you deal with reality?
Who pays the price for hating, who decides our final fate?
Can you reall trust the government, can you really believe the truth?
Will you die for what you believe or will you suffer like a fool?
Sacrifice, penalty
You gave your life
And paid the price of hate
Is there anyone you can count on when it's time to do things right?
Or are these people just fucking maggots sucking you for all your life?
Who looks out for our best interests, who cares about their fellow man?
Or are we all just fucking animals fucking each other anytime we can?
Who's gonna beg for mercy
When the time to fight back comes
Get down on bended knee and pray
For our salvation

open your eyes

(bkz: Kill Or Be Killed) (bkz: biohazard)

Open your eyes motherfucker
In this world of bullshit and lies
Jealously and hatred run rampant
Simple minded fould, cower in fear
To the slaughter the weak are branded
Eyes closed tight and ears held shut
To what is going on right around you
A dull pain deep in your guy
With fists or words I pound you
I hate your apathy
I'm gonna make you see
For all humanity as you are on your knees
You say how can it be,
You thought you held the key
But you never cared about me
Your death will set me free
There's a riot inside my mind
The agony fuels my fire of hate
Fed up with your conservative views
Your concerns just seem too little too late
Apathy, you live for yourself
In the guilded cage of your insolent mind
I cut off your head in the name of what's right
And free the ideas of human kind

make my stand

(bkz: Kill Or Be Killed) (bkz: biohazard)

You want to break me down every fuckin day of your miserable life,
You try to take away everything, everything from me
Beaten down by society, torn apart by humanity
There's no way out of this misery
I'll fight forever fearlessly
You can take away the weapon from my hand
But you can never change who I am
Make my stand
Control the money, control the people
The kind of the wasteland rules
The power to conquer a dying nation lies in the hands of a fool
To give your life in the name of a cause only feeds the fire fuel
As god screams, he moans in regret
Is vengence so fucking cruel
I have seen the way you've wrecked my fellow man
So I gotta fight to save myself
Make my stand
The time has come to destroy anyone
That tries to stop me, my fight has just begun
Motherfucker you could never ever step to me
I too will die for what I believe
Come out of the shadows and show your fucking face
You half a man
Step up and face me toe to toe
Knowledge and power blow for blow
You're a liar, a coward, a thief and a fool
Now I make my stand