1. 1.
    mumkun değil anlamına gelen ingilizce kelime.
    2 ... hendrix
  2. 2.
    icy tower oyununda combo yapınca size söylediği en süper kelime.
    2 ... hkn hsyn
  3. 3.
    david gilmour parçası

    there's no way i'm going to let go
    there's no way, because it's my show
    i'm hanging on for a little while
    i won't go down easy, that's not my style

    i'm all tied up, tied up in a knot
    and i can't decide just what it is i've got
    did i get out of touch? did i lose my way?
    i've not forgot, no, not a single day

    now you might believe i'm not a happy man
    putting myself apart from the common clan
    well, the boat we're sailing, we have a leak or two
    but i know it's sound, like me and you
    1 ... linka
  4. 4.
    adolescents şarkısı

    no class, no job
    i'm just a victim of society a slob
    no ass, no head
    i gotta go home and jack off instead
    no mind, no kind
    my brain is jelly and my memory is blind
    no way, no way
    i cannot live in a world this gay
    2 ... linka
  5. 5.
    mükemmel bir pearl jam parçasıdır.
    gitar tonları enfestir. ayrıca eddie vedder'ün vokalini sonuna kadar zorladığı parçalardan biridir.
    ... dasmotiv