1. 1.
    Erişmiş,ele geçirmiş,başarmış,kazanmış,ulaşmış.
    ... italiano
  2. 2.
    ing tırnak.
    ... italiano
  3. 3.
    Bir erkek ismi.
    ... italiano
  4. 4.
    (bkz: nail gurgen)
    ... ramirez
  5. 5.
    ville laihiala vokalinde guzel bir poisonblack sarkisi

    A pure smooth pearl a sweet disorder swaying in the dress
    An electric fur in lace a whoredom blooms between her legs
    Just one look into those heavenly pair of take me eyes
    Mine's the pleasure as I force-feed her all my lies

    The redhot nail inside of you..

    I am the nail
    Now drunk on lust I drown in you
    Tension prevails and it takes me over again
    I am the nail
    Forever within I'm lost in you
    Deeper with pain as it takes me over again

    I taste lead in every drop I spit out my throat
    I crave death with every kiss I can't live without
    An overwhelming state is burning through my every vein
    Mine's the pleasure as I force-feed her all my pain
    1 ... glosoli
  6. 6.
    (bkz: nail enamel)
    ... no promise
  7. 7.
    ing. çivi.
    1 ... mta88
  8. 8.
    (bkz: nail kırmızıgül)
    ... kovarock
  9. 9.
    (bkz: nail güreli)
    ... disco inferno
  10. 10.
    (bkz: nal)
    -1 ... david addison