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    Ingiliz Kraliyet Hava Kuvvetleri'nin 1943 yilinin Temmuz ve Agustos aylarinda Hamburg'a duzenledikleri hava taaruzlari.
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    sodom parçası.

    Precursors of the menace
    Admonition of the death
    Obscurity and secret force
    What are these symbols standing for?

    Gomorrah, mother of harlotry
    Gomorrah, ascendancy forever

    An insidious looking creature
    Beneath the frantic fault
    Ready to be delivered
    The son of our lord

    Gomorrah, abomination of the earth
    Gomorrah, wrath and fornication

    He is crying with a resentful voice
    Like a roaring lion
    Sin city will burn he has no choice
    They have to pay the price

    Gomorrah, noisome grievous sore
    Gomorrah, judgement of the whore

    And their dead bodies
    Shall lie in the streets
    Where also our lord
    Was crucified and killed

    Gomorrah, downfall is near
    Gomorrah, they didn't realise
    Gomorrah, the have to disappear
    Gomorrah, blessed are the dead
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    Helak edilen kavimlerin yaşadığı şehirlerden birinin ismi.Aynı zamanda Catafalque'ın unique albümdeki diğer ismi "eyes of wrath" olan şarkıdır

    I am lot, remember me
    The lot, remember him
    I saw, ı told
    He saw, he told
    I shown
    You didn't behold
    He shown, they didn't behold
    Living in the sinful lands, dying by the hand of god
    I warned you all before
    Messenger warned us all before
    I beckoned the eternal war
    He summoned for eternal war

    Laws are always eternal
    Lawyer is god
    When the world goes astray
    Sinners craved our blood

    While god punishded
    Their eyes filled with fears
    When god devours
    They drowned in the bloody tears

    Green fields turned to desert
    By the hand of doom, eyes of demise
    Detestable things cannot be concealed
    By god's immortal eyes

    Gomorrah shame on you
    You're the cradle of sin
    Gomorrah shame on you
    Your end is begining
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    aklıma ilk gelen therion parçası olan 'rise of sodom and gomorrah'oldu.
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    (bkz: gomorra)
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