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    (bkz: state of the world address) (bkz: biohazard)

    Your cards were dealt when
    You drove through the night
    As a man in dark clothes came into your sight
    The barrel tapped the glass
    You reached the window lock
    Get the fuck out the car
    And leave it in the crosswalk
    He climbed into your seat
    And dropped a vial of crack
    Pissin' down your leg, you're a victim of carjack
    Feel the cold steel as I pull the hammer back
    Bang! You're fuckin' dead 'cause it's like that

    Society, pushed him down and out
    Soul provider what's it all about
    Religion, faith can we do without
    Social pressure we're too strung out

    Another bad hand the cards have been dealt
    Kid of fourteen, high aspirations held
    To get ahead and run shit with his powerful will
    Told by his role model, you're old enough to kill
    See my ride, my bitches and my loot
    If ya wanna survive be prepared to shoot
    Stay hard like me, you're bound to do well
    A waste of precious life, twenty five and an L

    I'll put a bullet in your head for the colour of your skin
    This is my neighborhood who the fuck let you in
    I'll stick with mine stay with your own kind
    The virus of hate infects the ignorant mind
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