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    nightwish'in 1998 oceanborn albümünün besinci parcasi.

    sözlerini de copy-paste yapayim tam olsun :

    Princess of lust
    Dignity put to dust
    A virginal sight
    Their apple to bite

    Drink from my thighs
    The rain of lies
    A sight so cursed
    Breasts which never nursed

    An Aphrodite for mortal souls
    Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles
    Their erotic hour my tearless weep
    Their satisfaction my infinite sleep

    Naked limbs reflecting from the moon
    I'll be there for you soon
    First wish for this night:
    Let me be your delight

    Body of a virgin
    Soul to the Devil's kin
    Your God is me
    In all that you see

    An Aphrodite for mortal souls...
    2 ... aftermath