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    inanılmaz güzellikte bir nightwish parçası. Tarja vokali ile gözleri doldurur.

    time it took the most of me
    and left me with no key
    to unlock the chest of remedy
    mother, the pain ain't hurting me
    but the love that i feel
    when you hold me near

    the hopes were high
    the choirs were vast
    now my dreams are left to live through you

    red sun rising
    drown without inhaling
    within, the dark holds hard
    red sun rising
    curtain falling
    higher than hope my cure lies

    an angel by my side
    but no christ to end this war
    to deliver my soul from the sword
    hope has shown me a scenery
    paradise poetry
    with first snow i'll be gone

    the hopes were high...

    red sun rising...

    your death saved me

    red sun rising...
    2 ... double cross
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    nightwish'in 2004 tarihli once albümünün onbirinci parcasi.
    ... aftermath
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    tarja'nın nirvanaya ulaştığı muhteşem eser.
    ... atpartisi