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    notre dame de paris te quasimodo nun söylediği, bir şarkı ne kadar hüzünlü olabilirse, o kadar hüzünlü şarkıdır..

    God you made the world all wrong, I'm so ugly; he's so fine.
    I would love her my life long, but she never would be mine.
    Now he owns her heart and soul, without giving her a thing.
    And she thinks he'll make her whole, with the love she thinks he'll bring.
    She will lie down at his touch, and believe his lies with pride.
    It's his face she loves so much, she can't see what's deep inside.

    God you made the world all wrong, he's so rich; and I'm so poor.
    He will make her life a song; he will give her nothing more.
    God you made the world all wrong, let her have her shining knight.
    Beauty to the rich belongs, not to us outside the light.
    I am just an ugly stain that the world just wants to hide.
    God you gave me so much pain, were you ever on my side?

    God you made the world all wrong, I have nothing; he has all.
    But I'll tell her all along he won't be there is she falls.
    He was born to silk and lace, to make love and to make war.
    I was born without a face; God, what did you make me for?
    Tell me what side god is on, those whose silver buys the host?
    Or those who pray to god alone, day and night, this Holy Ghost.
    Can this Jesus we adore save his blessing only for.
    Those three kings of gold and myrrh, and leave the shepherds at the door?

    God you made the world so wrong, I'm so ugly; he's so fine.
    I will love her my life long.
    But she never will be mine.
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    (bkz: ben insan degil miyim) * *
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