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    artillery'nin By Inheritance albümünden enfes şarkı. has thrashtir, yok böyle birşey dedirtenlerden. insanı dağıtır vesselam.


    All of your life
    You idolized them
    Those men with pride
    Want to be like them
    Never alone
    All parts of a team
    No course of their own
    It sounds like a dream

    You're not worth a damn
    Take orders - is all that you can
    They'll teach you every rule
    Bombfood - you're nothing but a tool

    made up your mind
    The papers were signed
    Recruited and paid
    For wastin' your time
    The sweat and the blood
    A price you must pay
    Work for your country
    With nothing to say
    The sergeant commands
    To act like a rock
    You had to admit
    You ran out of luck
    It's not out of lust
    It's not even need
    One thing's for sure
    Rocks don't bleed

    Grenades are hammering down on your head
    You lie in your hole, you wish were dead
    Your partner lies splattered all over the place
    There's no recognition he once had a face
    You want you had stayed at home with your mum
    But you are out here equipped with a gun
    You're feelin' so helpless but what can you do
    'Cause you volunteered, the blame is on you

    Out in the fields, where battles are fought
    As ordered above, not one human thought
    You sit in your hole, just waiting for death

    The enemy cause, an eternal threat
    Why don't you go home, why don't you just leave?
    Why not work for things in which you believe?
    The orders you take, won't do you no good
    So why don't you split, you ain't nothin' but bombfood!
    ... desmodus rotundus
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    girişindeki riff'ler, hayatımda duyduğum en iyi 10 gitar riffi'ne kafadan girer. öyle muhteşemdir.
    ... like fire