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    bir our lady peace şarkısı. dinlenilesi şarkı. sözleri de şöyledir:

    do you worry that you're not liked
    how long till you break
    you're happy cause you smile
    but how much can you fake
    an ordinary boy an ordinary name
    but ordinary's just not good enough today

    alone I'm thinking
    why is superman dead
    is it in my head
    we'll just laugh instead
    you worry about the weather and
    whether or not you should hate

    are you worried about your faith
    kneel down and obey
    you're happy you're in love
    you need someone to hate
    an ordinary girl an ordinary waist
    but ordinary's just not good enough today

    doesn't anybody ever know that the
    world's a subway... **
    ... freedean
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    güzel bir şarkı, geçen gün shuffle da denk geldim üst üste birkaç kere dinletebilir kendisini..

    ... complication