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    *1919-2005 tarihleri arasında yaşamış amerikan ekonomisttir.

    yazdığı eserler :

    The Worldly Philosophers, 1953, Simon & Schuster, 7th edition, 1999: ISBN 0-684-86214-X
    The Future as History, 1960
    The Making of Economic Society, 1963, Prentice Hall, 10th edition 1992, 11th edition 2001: ISBN 0-13-091050-3 (the first edition served as his PhD dissertation)
    A Primer on Government Spending (with Peter L. Bernstein), New York: Vintage Books, 1963
    The Limits of American Capitalism, Harper & Row, 1966
    "Do Machines Make History?" Technology and Culture 8 (July 1967): 335-345.
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    The Economic Transformation of America Since 1865 (with Alan Singer), Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 1997, ISBN 0-15-501242-8 * *
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