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    bir richard marx şarkısı..
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    arpej çalışmak için oldukça ideal richard marx şarkısı.
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    bir Air Supply balladı.

    when love is new
    and the world is out reaching for you
    we try hard to hold it all
    in our hands
    but it slips through
    like soft drifting sands
    but drying the tears
    can build it all like new

    now and forever
    remember the words
    from my heart will always be true
    now and forever
    together and all that i feel
    here's my love for you

    learning each day
    that the right time was so far away
    to tell you the things i knew
    now it's clear
    that the moment
    we searched for is here
    and counting the years
    is all i want to do

    hold me as close
    as love will allow
    until all your fears are gone
    what has all passed
    is over now
    i'm here with you
    i'm here with you
    i'm holding on
    i'm holding on
    is my love for you
    1 ... osmanthegral
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    ever and ever and ...
    1 ... prof
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    bunu richard marx tan dinle:

    Whenever I'm weary
    From the battles that rage in my head
    You make sense of madness
    When my sanity hangs by a thread
    I lose my way but still you
    Seem to understand
    Now and forever
    I will be your man

    Sometimes I just hold you
    Too caught up in me to see
    I'm holding a fortune
    That heaven has given to me
    I'll try to show you
    Each and every way I can
    Now and forever
    I will be your man

    Now I can rest my worries
    And always be sure
    That I won't be alone anymore
    If I'd only known you were there
    All the time
    All this time

    Until the day the ocean
    Doesn't touch the sand
    Now and forever
    I will be your man

    Now and forever
    I will be your man
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