1. 1.
    moonspell'in wolfheart albümünün 2. şarkısı.

    The cold nights have awakened Me
    The soft winds to undress Me
    The nails of two witches hav touched Me
    Their caress cuts like the sharpest ice

    Yes it is their way, this so mysterious way
    of welcoming Me, welcoming Me
    Their way to remember
    Distant nights of Passion and Doom
    Where, naked, have I bathed in velvet waters
    Witnessed by an accomplice smile inside an innocent Moon

    Serene were the beings who guided Me
    Empty were the hands which undresses Me
    To carve strange symbols unknown to Me
    but lay so dearly inside of Me

    This is my way, this so mysterious way
    of welcoming She, welcoming She
    My way to remember
    Distant nights of Passion and Doom
    Where we both wore flesh crowns to defy
    The skies in their blue and so vague tyranny

    We are mute villains
    drinking of Love as insolent Vampires
    Valsing through stars and skies
    at that and all to come Winter nights

    Like neophyte ravens in the strangest nest
    Charmed by the wilderness of this strange host
    Drawing naivety with our blood and semen
    Ritually engraved in our hearts and chests
    Marks of a pain, signs of a love crime
    That will forever and never last

    It is our way, this so mysterious way of loving
    of welcoming thee, welcoming thee
    Our way to remember
    Forever lost nights of Passion and Doom
    Remembrance served in cups .of sorrow and pride
    For all the eternities we'll still cry
    For having lost amidst the stars our bride
    Untouchable in her smile, inside the great Silver Eye
    Every night she is condemned to shine
    ... wolfshade
  2. 2.
    kanımca wolfheart ın en sağlam parçasıdır.hatta moonspell in de en iyisidir.
    ... disco inferno
  3. 3.
    kanımca wolfheart albümünde wolfshade'den sonraki en iyi şarkıdır. albümde ikisinin arka arkaya gelmesi unsuru, insanı geceye uçurur.
    ... nightspirit