1. 1.
    jewel ın güzel bir parçası.

    sözler :

    Dont walk too close, dont breathe so soft
    Dont talk so sweet, dont sing
    Dont lay oh so near

    Please, dont let me fall in love with you again

    Please let me forget all those sweet smiles
    All of the passion, all of the peace, the heat, the pain
    All those blue skies where your words were my freedom

    Please, dont let me fall in love with you again

    Too many times Ive cared too much
    I stood on the edge and saw that you held my hand
    And knowing too well I couldnt hide from those eyes

    Please, dont let me fall in love with you again
    Dont let me fall in love with you again
    ... lilith
  2. 2.
    (bkz: do not)
    ... sadettin kanyak
  3. 3.
    24 ün ilk sezonlarındaki başkan palmer a çok yakışır bu laf. ''sakın !'' anlamı vardır.
    ... notrinova
  4. 4.
    bir elvis presley şarkısı. bunu söylemek ilginç ama zoe kravitz cover ı orijinalinden çok daha güzel.

    Don't, don't, that's what you say
    Each time that i hold you this way
    When i feel like this and i want to kiss you
    Baby, don't say don't

    Don't, don't leave my embrace
    For here in my arms is your place
    When the night grows cold and i want to hold you
    Baby, don't say don't

    if you think that this is just a game
    i'm playing
    if you think that i don't mean
    Every word i'm saying
    Don't, don't, don't, don't
    Don't feel that way
    i'm your love and yours i will stay

    This you can believe
    i will never leave you
    Heaven knows i won't
    Baby, don't say don't
    ... strawberry fields forever
  5. 5.
    ing. yapılmaması gereken şey. do fiilinin olumsuz hali.
    (bkz: do not)

    Örn. Don't be afraid. Korkma.
    Don't move. Kıpırdama.
    ... bay efendi