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    call of duty 4 modern warfare oyununun soundtrack'lerinden. zenci bir arkadaş söylüyor büyük ihtimalle.

    hot off the heels of call of duty 2,
    the infinity ward team has been developing call of duty 4: modern warfare
    we're making it more sophisticated for a deeper call of duty experience.
    variety is the next big thing for us, we're going deep and we're going hard.

    the weak man may be careful not to soil himself when he plays this game.

    enter the mind in time you'll find my lines
    combine intertwine underlined rhyme divine
    no hind can go against me 249 lift you switfly
    frontline's in here with me
    think i'm lying? come and get me
    sgt. griggs reporting for duty *roger*
    some say this belong in a movie
    but this the 3rd installment
    infinity ward shit
    don't soil your drawers 'cause it's deep and it's hard bitch
    ready for action, .50 cals start to clapping
    4 horsemen kicking a rerun asking "what's happening?"
    too late for all that flapping
    out the gates with autos packed in
    this one's for macmillian, 15 years you had relaxing
    now it's time to settle the score
    we ready for war, sas on board, my tribe award tour

    and this the 3rd installment
    infinityward shit
    don't soil your drawers
    cause it's deep and it's hard bitch

    "alright, fall in marines. stay frosty."
    "loyalists eh? are those the good russions or the bad russians?"
    "hold your fire, friendlies coming out!"
    "sir, we've got company. helicopter troops closing in fast."
    "no sign of al-asad, sir"
    "may be alive? i hate bargaining with kamarov. always a bloody catch."
    "i think he's in there. i hear him."
    "soap, quick, move with captain price. you can storm the building while i cut the power. go!"
    "nikolai, are you alright? can you walk?"

    the weak man may be careful not to soil himself when he plays this game.

    marines, sas, hands up
    zakhaev, hah, hand up
    yo, shout out to price, the one-handed bandit maker
    gaz and vasquez dispanded any takers.
    if there's anyone greater then show me, if not then blow mw.
    you get labeled a hater for sidetalk
    i - dub (infinityward) is soley
    out for success
    back it up with a little success
    and when you back down and digress
    you hear them yell "success!"
    devastation - yeah thats what you facing
    when our call of duty is to touch down in nations

    devastation, yea whats you facing when our call of duty
    it's a touch down in nations
    your heart get to racing while you roll with palpatations
    daddy's boy on the roof, bucked himself, damnation.
    papa mad now, on the bridge we had a throwdown
    but me and my bros now thanks to you that can not roll out.

    and this the third storm in infinity ward shit,
    dont soil your drawers cus its deep and its hard bitch

    "watch your six, devil dog."
    "roger that. got something better anyway."
    "roger, covering left flank."
    "6 7 8 4 5 2 0 5 6"
    "6 7 8 4 5 2 0 5 6"
    "6 7 8 4 5 2 0 5 6"
    1 ... dick advocaat
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    call of duty 4 modern warfare'i bitirdikten sonra, sgt. griggs'i canlandıran arkadaşın söylediği parça. oyundan replikler barındıran bir parçadır. rap parçaları nadiren beğenmeme rağmen bunu çok benimsemişimdir.
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