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    bir sneaker pimps baş yapıtı. solistin sesinin en az rahatsız ettigi parça.
    1 ... it s way too late
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    sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun:

    You can keep breathing, I only fall when you are near me
    Incomplete, I only talk when you can hear me, keep dreaming
    Can't wake up until I'm sleeping, lost on me, close to something I'll never be

    Close to something I'll never be
    If I just stay here, close my eyes can you still see me ?
    Obsolete, very nearly something to see
    Still see me, I can't wake up for sleeping
    Incomplete, very nearly something to be

    Very nearly something to be
    You can keep trying, drown in sleep to be flying
    See for miles, something that I wanted to be
    I can't wake this dream, prototype ends up has been
    Incomplete, the consequence of something to be
    1 ... it s way too late
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    1996 yilinda cikan, en basarili Sneaker Pimps albumu.


    Low Place Like Home
    Tesko Suicide
    6 Underground
    Becoming X
    Spin Spin Sugar
    Post-Modern Sleaze
    Roll On
    Wasted Early Sunday Morning
    Walking Zero
    How Do
    Underground - (Nellee Hooper Edit)

    (bkz: i am x)
    ... vincent vega