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    jimi hendrix'in experience grubuyla cikardigi 67 tarihli albumu.

    1. purple haze
    2. manic depression
    3. hey joe
    4. love or confusion
    5. may this be love
    6. i don't live today
    7. the wind cries mary
    8. fire
    9. third stone from the sun
    10. foxey lady
    11. are you experienced?
    12. stone free
    13. 51st aniversary
    14. highway chile
    15. can you see me
    16. remember
    17. red house
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    jimi hendrix i hendrix yapan album.
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    sarkinin sozleri:
    if you can just get your mind together
    then you'll come on across to me
    we'll hold hands and then we'll watch the sunrise
    from the bottom of the sea

    but first, are you experienced?
    have you ever been experienced?
    well,i have

    i know,i know you'll probably scream and cry
    that your little world won't let you go
    but who in you're measly little world
    are you tryin' to prove to
    that you're made out of gold
    and,uh,can't be sold

    so,are you experienced?
    have you ever been experienced?
    well, i have

    uh,let me prove it to you
    trumpets and violins
    i can,uh,hear in the distance
    i think they're callin' are names
    maybe you can't hear them now but you will
    if you just take hold of my hand

    oh,but are you experienced?
    have you ever been experienced?

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    hey joe, purple haze gibi tüm zamanların en iyi sololarından birkaçını barındıran en iyi hendrix albümü.
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