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    deep forest'a ait bir baş yapıt. bünyeye tek bir etkisi vardır; köpek gibi ağlatır, süründürür.

    throwing sparks at my frozen angel
    gathering the words to coax the fire to start
    throwing spards at my frozen angel
    words to melt the ice around you pretty heart

    turn the ice to water, the water into flood
    the flood becomes a river, a river of pure love
    love comes into delta, nourishing the sea
    sea goes out to ocean
    ocean endlessly

    the second before you walk into the room
    i had no thoughts of love whatsoever
    love was not on my mind
    nothing but my life,
    my life was all settled in,
    it was just the way it needed to be
    and i fell upon you
    like something out of the blue
    it was out of the blue, i didn't know,
    i didn't see it coming
    but it came upon
    and it held a hold on me
    took a hold on me
    and i could not help but believe
    i have faith in this thing
    i have one chance in my life and i must take it.
    and i've got to give it to you and i will not let it go
    i will not let it go
    iut's the only thing i can believe in.
    oh, i can believe in.
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