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    calexico'nun sevilebilitesi yüksek şarkısı.

    Marco's shadow falls on the door
    to the 7 Lost Cities of Gold
    finds a raven's head and rattler's tail
    dead in his tracks, this Godforsaken soul's
    unwanted here and his ghost lingers for years

    Amalia's face hides behind the mask
    sweating on the TV factory line
    that smile on her face is starting to crack
    while welding back the pieces of shattered heart
    that's scattered out here, with the ghosts of her peers
    searched for her lost child along the river of tears

    At the end of the working week
    when drunken worlds meet
    both sides keeping a close eye
    for a break in the line here... on the Crystal Frontier

    Blood spills out on the streets
    and bodies are missing for weeks
    both sides keeping a close eye
    watching the bullets fly here... on the Crystal Frontier

    Ramon tightens up his leather belt
    and slips through a hole in the fence
    he can get you anything you want
    might cost you a life, might cost you
    the whole price of freedom here...on the Crystal Frontier
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