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    theatre of tragedy'nin 1996 çıkışlı efsane velvet darkness they fear albümünün en güzel şarkılarından biri.

    Whether He the quaint savant's power doth held I now not,
    Albeit aetat a thousand stars' birth He is -
    Zuoth I that for reasons to me oblivious
    August of a granditude of servants is He held,
    And by plastic consonantry e'en more servants to the host addéd are -
    Pelf they are, dare I say!
    Maugre His diurnal serphic deviltry
    I say that deviltry - 'tis forsooth deviltry! -
    Mind not this in scintillating shades clad is;
    To claim the glore is He suffer'd.
    "Grant me the fatlings", gouth He, "the fatter the better!",
    And died they of starvation;
    They are not slaughtering their fatlings -
    They are slaughtering 'hemselves.
    Sith I at time of yester the questions durst ask,
    And dare I say this burthen weightful was,
    Wrack of His machine - like motion was I naméd,
    Tho' blind and fond the jesters rebuilt
    The machine alike - yet whettéd and dight are its edges...
    ... wolfshade