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    inanılmaz etkileyici süper bi faithless şarkısı
    just below my skin i'm screaming!
    help me!
    help me!
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    faithless'ın tüm dünyada meşhur olmasını sağlayan, 1995 yılına ait şarkısı... sözleri şöyle;

    Dido'nun söylediği kısım :
    How can I change...
    the world if I can't even change...
    myself ?
    How can I change the way I am ?
    I don't know...
    I don't know.

    Maxi Jazz :
    I wanna take a look at the world behind these eyes,
    Every nook, every cranny reorganise,
    Realise my face don't fit the way I feel.
    What's real ?
    I need a mirror to check my face is in place,
    Incase of upheval, fundamental movement below,
    What's really going on I wanna know,
    But yo, we don't show on the outside, so slide.
    Just below my skin I'm screaming...

    I need a mirror for my spirit,
    Yeah, can you feel it ?
    When I get deep, wanna hear myself sleep,
    Not drowning, just tumbling around and around in the voices
    Like a crowd in my head so loud,
    I wonder what it's like to be dead,
    I hope it's quiet, noise in my head like a riot,
    Any remedy you have for me I'll try it.
    Just below my skin I'm screaming...

    I'm going deep, so deep that I can't sleep,
    The pills ain't cheap but the bills are steep,
    So I lick up with a booze and a slpiff,
    Try to snooze,
    But who's dreaming, I ain't, this is win or loose,
    Put down the drink, try not to think,
    Let it go, fundamental movement below,
    And yo, reality is dreaming,
    Just below my skin I'm screaming...
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    faithless'ın güzel bir şarkısıdır. tavsiyedir.
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    Orgazm sadece birkaç saniye sürüyor diyenlere gelsin. bu orgazm tam 10 dakika 47 saniye sürüyor.

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