1. 1.
    ensiferum'un, bulunduğu albüme ismini veren şarkısı.

    girişteki riffler harikadır, dinlenilesi bir şarkıdır.

    once there was boy back in time of the heathens
    day after day he just kept dreaming things that would make him weaker
    his father could not make him see, that there is more than dreams
    but he wouldn't listen to the words of his father, 'cause he's the little dreamer

    along his quest for solitude
    a wise man came and told him to follow the stars

    he ran to the forest with whirlwinds by his side
    he's lost in this world of lies
    take him back where rivers flow upwards
    he is the one who lives
    under a moonless sky looking for time
    take him back where stars are shining bright

    far in the land of icetop mountains far on the other side
    pictures are appearing so serenely into my mind
    far in the land of meadows of fire deep in forgotten life
    memories are drifting away so silently from light

    along his path of misery
    a wise man came and told him to follow the stars

    little dreamer
    ... mini mini bir nick konmustu
  2. 2.
    gaz mı gaz bir ensiferum parçası. ensiferum adlı albümünden.

    masalsı bir parça. hele clean vocalli yerleri insanı başka dünyalara götürür. sonundaki kantele solosu bitince de rüyadan uyanırsınız.
    ... eternal moonlight of autumn