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    soilworkun pek bir beğendiğim şarkısı. figure number five albümünde bulunur. sözler...

    claiming he's an innocent soul
    son of a silent force
    under pressure but all so cold
    i better light the torch
    cause he's able to do it again
    degrade and suffocate
    getting the useful support
    from his passive friends

    how can you just proceed you little callous fuck
    you just walk the streets like a not knowing breed

    give me a sign and i'll do just
    what i'm thinking right away
    how can she ever forget, so suffer and start to regret
    it will come around cause you know that she'll
    be thinking of you...
    i feel so powerless. can't face my hollowness

    you've had your time. gonna walk that line
    like a living travesty, endlessly bound to your sins.
    i'll hunt you down in time. you're just a feeble swine
    how can i compromise when all you do is deny

    this pain will last forever, never growing old
    nobody will ever answer, how you can be so cold
    ... st27
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    ... bleedingmoon