1. ?.
    burning a wish albümünden bir lacrimas profundere şarkısı.

    it was the only sin
    to breathe you again
    and not to fall apart
    and leave you

    all the tears on you
    all your sadest wishes
    for your last dance i...
    and nothing was true

    but never to be felt
    for all the blackest heart
    in nothing we drown
    and leave you

    and so, and so
    we aren´t
    and look how everything changes,
    and how we become, what we never wanted

    all i want is you
    and everthing you can´t do
    pour your tears in me
    and never leave me…

    and for you
    i take everything
    but you aren´t mine
    ... wolfshade
  2. 1.
    ritim tutmakla hüzünlenmek arasında ikilem yaşatan çok güzel bir şarkı. bir lacrimas klasiği.
    ... veritas