1. 1.
    bir mercyful fate parçası. ayrıca dark tranquillity bu şarkıyı pek bir hoş coverlamıştır. sözleri şu şekildedir:

    On a magical misty morning
    I was standing in the Autumn rain
    Suddenly the birds fell silent
    Would I ever hear them sing again...
    Hear them sing again...
    Without a word of warning
    I saw a shadow in the Autumn rain
    Just like in my nightly dreams
    The Lady In Black had come again...
    The Lady had come again...
    Begging me to follow her into the misty rain
    Begging me to follow her into the no more pain
    Solos: S - D
    Her eyes were hypnotizing
    Burning deep inside my brain
    The Lady In Black was here now
    She was here to take me far away...
    Take me far away...
    Follow me to the other side
    Through the tunnel of light we travel, fading away
    Through the tunnel of light we travel
    We're fading away
    Through the light that's shinning bright
    We're fading away
    Through the light that's shinning bright
    We're fading away
    ... frozen hopes
  2. 2.
    uriah heep'in mütevazi bir parçasıdır.bambaşka duygular hissettirir.
    1 ... nothing else matters
  3. 3.
    uriah heep'in en güzel şarkısı.ayrıca teoman'ın kardelen şarkısı bu şarkıdan çalıntıdır diye geyiklere mevzudur.
    ... postmortem
  4. 4.
    ... kirmizi baslikli istasyon sefi
  5. 5.
    en güzel ve bilinen uriah heep şarkılarından biridir.

    she came to me one morning
    one lonely sunday morning
    her long hair flowing
    in the midwinter wind
    i know not how she found me
    for in darkness i was walking
    and destruction lay around me
    from a fight i could not win
    ah ah ah ...

    she asked me name my foe then
    i said the need within some men
    to fight and kill their brothers
    without thought of love or god
    and i begged her give me horses
    to trample down my enemies
    so eager was my passion
    to devour this waste of life
    ah ah ah ...

    but she wouldnt think of battle that
    reduces men to animals
    so easy to begin
    and yet impossible to end
    for she's the mother of our men
    who counselled me so wisely then
    i feared to walk alone again
    and asked if she would stay
    ah ah ah ...

    oh lady lend your hand outright
    and let me rest here at your side
    have faith and trust
    in peace she said
    and filled my heart with life
    there is no strength in numbers
    have no such misconception
    but when you need me
    be assured i won't be far away
    ah ah ah ...

    thus having spoke she turned away
    and though i found no words to say
    i stood and watched until i saw
    her black coat disappear
    my labour is no easier
    but now i know i'm not alone
    i find new heart each time
    i think upon that windy day
    and if one day she comes to you
    drink deeply from her words so wise
    take courage from her
    as your prize
    and say hello from me
    ah ah ah ...
    4 ... diyonsos
  6. 6.
    (bkz: men in black)*
    ... thiothrix
  7. 7.
    theatres des vampires in night breed of macabria* albumunden bir parcasi.

    on the hill of the ancient oak, she lives in the house of the crying eyes
    dismal lullaby tales of her life, blood.. pain.. lust & perversion

    you can see her with her dark veil as she walks in the bewitched wood
    the wolves sings when she'd pass, earth bleeds under her foot

    "lady in black... lady in black.. witch's eyes.... pale face.. lady in black... lady in black... nails like blades......"

    "come to me child.... my black heart awaits your innocent soul......"
    the blind monk prays under the crucifix of bones, the undertaker polishes his shovel

    close the door... close the windows
    leave out the fear and the dark 'cause she has come to bring suffering and death
    ... revolter00
  8. 8.
    toraman ın * bir güzel araklayıp kardelen yaptığı, uriah heep dersinin başlangıç şarkılarından. saatlerce dinletebilir kendini kendinizi bir kez aaaaa aaaaaa efektine kaptırdınız mı.
    2 ... pothead
  9. 9.
    (bkz: lady in red)
    ... beatleboy
  10. 10.
    uriah heep yorumunun güzel kafa ile dinlenmemesi gereken şaheserdir. farklı alemlere sevk eder bünyeyi... hayaller kurdurur. kudurtur, kudurtur, kudurtur... güneşin ışıl ışıl parlamasını gölgede bırakabilecek türdendir.
    1 ... poisonx