1. 1.
    madrugada'nın müthiş huzurlu bir şarkısı.

    honey bee
    come buzzing me
    i ain't seen you for so long

    i need to feel you
    i mean to reel you
    like the one described to me in song

    out in the woods
    tall pine tree woods
    she gave sweet loving to me

    her woodland grace
    her soft embrace
    my face in shadow
    honey bee

    won't you come see me in the morning?
    won't you come see me late at night?
    for it ain't right, no it just ain't right
    you're meant to turn away from the light

    night, all my lights are on
    i need a little one on one
    this useless, helpless feeling

    a young man should be blessed with love
    there's just flesh and fire below
    this drunken, senseless reeling
    hands on my face
    some silk and lace
    sweet perfume kisses
    for me

    wherever you burn
    i have returned
    you lucky lady
    honey bee

    i have to leave you in the morning
    you always wanted to be free

    stay with me
    sweet lucky lady
    don't ever leave me
    honey bee

    awake in cold places
    cool ice and icy faces
    some dead and some living
    most of them doing something in between

    my lady in waiting
    must have turned to hating me
    some bitter awakening this has been
    the next time she calls i'm gonna let her in
    the next time she calls i'm gonna let her in

    and if she leaves me in the morning
    at least we both have been relieved

    now stay with me
    stay with me
    sweet lucky lady
    don't you ever leave me
    honey bee.
    4 ... mojorisin
  2. 2.
    madrugada uykusu.
    sevgili ile huzur uykusu.

    1 ... ritmik uyuz
  3. 3.
    zee avi denilen bir malezyalı kızcağızın söylediği yumuş yumuş şarkıdır.
    sözleri ise;

    i am a honey bee
    shunned off from the colony
    and they won't let me in
    so i left the hive
    they took away all my stripes
    and broke off both my wings
    so i'll find another tree
    and make the wind my friend
    i'll just sing with the birds
    they'll tell me secrets off the world

    but my other honey bee
    stuck where he doesn't wanna be
    oh my darling honey bee
    i'll come save you
    even if it means i&'ll have to face the queen

    so i'll come prepared
    my new friends say they would help me
    get my loved one back
    they say it isn't right
    the bees have control of your mind
    but i choose not to believe that
    so we'll meet in the darkness of the night
    and i'll promise i will be there on time
    we'll be guided by my new friends the butterflies
    bring us back to our own little hive

    oh my other honey bee
    no longer stuck where he doesn't wanna be
    oh my darling honey bee
    i have saved you
    and now that you're with me
    we can make our own honey

    bu da linki

    daha ben size n'apayım.
    ... ardilla
  4. 4.
    Dinlenebilecek yol parçalarının başında gelen sanat eseridir bu. Madrugada'nın en zirve parçasıdır zannımca bütün olarak dinlenilmeli lakin 3.32'den sonra şarkı kopar melankolik ninni dinlemek böyle bişey.


    ... olsen olsen