1. 1.
    breaking the waves filminde de çalar bu harika şarkı. elton john'ın belki de en güzel şarkısıdır.
    ... tudor lodge
  2. 2.
    yanılmıyorsam candle in the wind ile Goodbye Yellow Brick Road albümünde bulunur. bu yüzden candle in the wind'in erken dönem versiyonu demek biraz garip olur.
    ... tudor lodge
  3. 3.
    keane'in de başarılı bir şekilde coverladığı şarkıdır. sözleriyse:

    when are you gonna come down
    when are you going to land
    i should have stayed on the farm
    i should have listened to my old man

    you know you can't hold me forever
    i didn't sign up with you
    i'm not a present for your friends to open
    this boy's too young to be singing the blues

    so goodbye yellow brick road
    where the dogs of society howl
    you can't plant me in your penthouse
    i'm going back to my plough

    back to the howling old owl in the woods
    hunting the horny back toad
    oh i've finally decided my future lies
    beyond the yellow brick road

    what do you think you'll do then
    i bet that'll shoot down your plane
    it'll take you a couple of vodka and tonics
    to set you on your feet again

    maybe you'll get a replacement
    there's plenty like me to be found
    mongrels who ain't got a penny
    sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground.
    ... emma
  4. 4.
    mükemmel elton john şarkısı. insanın içini gıdıklamaktadır.
    ... godspeed you black emperor