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    1989 yılında çıkartılan follow the blind adlı blind guardian albümünün üçüncü parçasıdır . çok hoş bir gitar solosuna sahiptir . dinlenilesi , sevilesi şarkıdır .
    ... gerko
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    blind guardian şarkısı.

    Conquer the whole world to satisfy
    Their lust for pain and terror
    Disguise their faces to hide them
    In the dark Determination

    The oath on the runestaff is the highest
    The ruin of a nation Step by step Destiny

    Damned for all time - but what's time
    Tales of the one who's born to change

    And as the earth was old and cold
    She closed her eyes and fell to sleep
    Violation ruled the world
    The dark kingdom's time

    He's called Hawkmoon wearing a sign
    Black jewel in his head
    He's the one who's forever there
    He's born a thousand times

    Damned for all time In every age he existed
    Damned for all time In every future he'll live
    For all time He's crying He's crying

    Hey strange one I know you're standing there
    The faces are they mine?
    Are you out there?
    Watch out for the day, friend I'll know your name
    Hear my laughter

    Oblivion - who's blowing the horn
    Oblivion - who's killing the gods

    [Ref:] Damned...

    Dark kingdom's lost now. No pain storms the land
    Strange things are happening. Changing of all planes
    In the universe by a bad magician
    To conquer the power of this magic
    A place where truth waits must be found Tanelorn

    Damned for all time - who am I?
    Once I've been called Erekose

    I was Elric - I'll be Corum I'm the prince of the south ice
    Now I'm nothing Wait for someone Wait for Ilian No! I'm Hawkmoon

    Oblivion - the war is eternal
    Oblivion - the battle is endless

    [Ref:] Damned...
    ... kyuubi no kitsune