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    (bkz: ben ingilizce biliyorum)
    2 -1 ... kutt
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    evet az önce artık içimde tutamayıp da söylediğim cümle. evet hatta yes i am michael jackson. i swear that i am michael jackson and i am sick of pretending to be laz pacino. i am not laz pacino. you are shocked huh?

    first of all. uludag dictionary is very good. i like the atmosphere here. everyone is very nice to me. but the best thing in uludag dictionary is that there is a lot of 14-15 years old children. as you know i like children and i like to spend my time with them. oyyy i like them. but i am not a childlover in case of extraordinary parametral testimantal pretending low case with motherfuckin saphir iskender kebap. yes i like iskender kebap but i am michael jackson, that's why i can't eat iskender kebap any time i want.

    finally i want to say that i like you all but not the way i like children.
    2 -2 ... laz pacino