1. 1.
    aslen elissa khoury isimli lübnanlı şarkıcının seslendirdiği, tupac'le yapılmış remix versiyonu daha bi güzel olan şarkı.


    not: biri sözlerini de yazarsa tam olur.
    2 ... timsah
  2. 2.
    ingilizce cevirisi icin;

    I wonder if I should complain..talk or cry for my happiness
    from my passion to you i want you to be a part of me some day
    oh you are the best world I ever lived in in this world
    In your eyes there is the nights i felt in love with the first time your eyes moved to me..
    "my life" you said in the moment we met
    Dont know what happened to my heart when he saw you
    all of my life i'v been afraied to love , fell in love like all those people
    because i dont own in this life anything beside my emotions
    you posesed everything in me by a seconds
    you tought my heart how to love and to be faithfull

    ... bayram hoshtempo