1. 1.
    ke'nin bi şarkısı.
    2 ... cikarinbeniburdan
  2. 2.
    kayınçosu için:
    (bkz: mad world)
    2 ... guilt and regret
  3. 3.
    is this our last chance to say all we have to say
    hiding here inside ourselves we live our lives afraid
    so close your eyes and just believe in everything your told
    'cos in this land of great confusion it's easy to give up control

    strange world people talk and tell only lies
    strange world people kill an eye for an eye
    strange world dream one-day we'll see the light
    strange world believe and everything will be alright
    and this is the place where everything begins and ends again
    no secrets left to find no seven deadly sins
    this world that we have wasted has kept us very well
    when science now is sacred who will save us from ourselves

    strange world people talk sometimes i wonder why
    strange world people kill still no-one hears their cries
    strange world burn these thoughtless tears out of my eyes
    strange world
    (bkz: )
    4 ... ihtiyaç molası
  4. 4.
    aynı zamanda bir gamma ray parçasıdır ve sözleri şu şekildedir.

    Here come the riders of the revolution
    Their blood is flowing in the pouring rain
    Tonight there`s gonna be an execution
    Another hungry king will end

    Oh... all your tyrant dreams will fall when the quest will end
    We`ll rise from the ashes and wait for the call
    Against the masters

    And we cry for deliverance
    We hold the world in our hands
    And come the dawn, the future is ours
    Sealed with our blood in the sand

    It`s a strange world
    A never ending circle
    Oh, such a strange world
    A never ending circle

    Talk to me my holy friend
    Why they kiss the killing hand
    I fail to understand
    No more... and this is the end

    Strike with iron will
    Time to feed the overkill
    Blood flows everywhere
    Now the time of hell is here
    No more time to waste
    All I feel is burning rage in me

    I win, you lose
    You`ve got nothing to say
    You die, I live
    Get down and pray

    It`s time to kill
    We strike with iron will
    Here come the riders of the revolution
    We fight to live
    And we cannot forgive
    Here come the riders of the revolution

    Oh yeah... it`s a never ending circle
    Oh, it's a strange world
    A never ending circle

    Oh yeah... it`s a strange world
    (a strange world, a never ending circle)
    Oh, such a strange world
    (strange world, a never ending circle)

    Here come the riders of the revolution
    Another rider crying revolution... yeah
    1 ... halitkin
  5. 5.
    bir iron maiden parçasıdır.

    the only place where you can dream, living here is not what it seems.
    ship of white light in the sky, nobody there to reason why.
    here i am, i'm not really there, smiling faces ever so rare.
    a let's walk in deepest space, living here just isn't the place.

    stalks of light come from the ground, when i cry there isn't a sound.
    all my feelings cannot be held, i'm happy in my new strange world.
    shades of green grasses twine, girls drinking plasma wine.
    a look at love, a dream unfolds, living here, you'll never grow old.

    don't you hear me call? ooh
    2 ... renewagner
  6. 6.
    iron maiden'ın iron maiden isimli ilk albümünün altıncı şarkısı. bu şarkının da bas yürüyüşleri oldukça güzeldir. şarkıyı alır götürür.
    ... undefined fucking object
  7. 7.
    klibi tuvalette geçen ke şarkısı. yıllardır eskitemedim.

    ... ne desem inanirsin
  8. 8.
    Türkçeye çevrildiğinde Garip Dünyaanlamına gelen sözdür.
    Müslüm Gürses'in en beğenilen* şarkılarından birisine denk gelmesi de ilginç bir tesadüftür.
    ... dodoplazmik retukulum
  9. 9.
    introsu adamı ağlatan iron maiden şarkısı.
    ... powerslave
  10. 10.
    bir iron maiden sarkisidir.

    o ne intro dur oyle.
    ... soldier of fortune