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    Silvan Elves are mainly Nandor in descent but also mixed with Avari (Dark Elves). Many of them were later ruled over by a small population of social elites who were Sindar (Grey Elves) or even Noldor (High Elves). For example, Thranduil king of northern Mirkwood, as well as his son Legolas, were Sindarin Elves who ruled over a primarily Silvan population. Similarly Amdír and his son Amroth, the last Sindarin prince of Lórien, were Sindar. After Amroth was lost at sea, Galadriel and Celeborn came to rule over Lórien. Galadriel was a High Elf who belonged to the House of Finarfin, though she was actually of mixed Vanyar/Noldor/Telerin parentage, while Celeborn was also Sindarin (Sindar being a subset of the Teleri).
    Silvan Elves are described as being less wise than other Eldar, and some of them almost are indistinguishable from the Avari, those who never joined the Great Journey.

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    ayrıca Yüzüklerin efendisi film ve kitabında da bulunan baş karakterlerden Legolas'ın da ırkıdır.
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