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    ing. vazgeçmek, feragat etmek, bırakmak, terketmek

    ayrıca overcome albümünden pek bir şahane all that remains şarkısı. kanımca albümün en iyisi. sözleri de şu şekilde:

    Still push harder and still the facts remains
    Just one to an open end so quickly
    A simple step now a small matter of time
    lest not regret now I'll make you push the line

    Follow the lead to failure
    relinquish and pay no mind

    Misplace my judgement misstep the card house falls
    That will not be my legacy
    This whole creation we've built through effort and time
    We make this happen we hold together with pride
    1 ... like fire
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    syn. quit, leave.
    1 ... snoptik