1. 1.
    ragnarok un 2004 çıkışlı blackdoor miracle albümünün 7. şarkısı.


    Goat dead wolf
    Prince black dog
    From the sulphur battlefields
    The night hunter emerges
    Eyes have the flames from below
    Death mask possession
    For I am one with the master
    I he master within
    Tellus beware Your child has no future
    Grant me my crown of horns so that the wings may grow out
    Spontaneous self combustion
    Tornado of wildfire
    Hyper diseased mega beast
    Turningold to coal
    I promise death unclean
    My demons unleashed upon you
    Gonna kneel before you die
    Every home a slaughterhouse
    ... vurursa gol olur
  2. 2.
    ing. diz çökmek.
    ... ntv muhabiri