bu konuda fikrin mi var? buraya entry ekle. üye ol
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    slayerın christ illusion albümünün açılış parçası.hızlı tempolu reign in blood hasreti çekenleri biraz olsun sevindirecek türden bir parça.
    ... monolith
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    slayer'ın "christ illusion" albümünün 1.sıradaki şarkısı. sözleri şöyle:

    Take a deep breath
    Cuz it all Starts now
    When you pull the fuckin pin
    The shrapnel burns as it tears into your skin

    Ever wonder what it takes
    to be crushing in your face
    This is what its like when
    It happens every God damn Day

    Violence is a way of life

    Shards of life
    Like confetti in the air
    The flesh storm grows
    As it breeds despair

    You hear the screams
    in the distance, fighting the resistance
    Not cries of war
    These are just the sounds of pain

    Its all just psychotic devotion
    manipulated with no discretion

    Killing takes time
    it is now a main event
    The cameras are hard
    for the daily bloodshed
    Like a junkie
    Hungry for a fix of anything
    The media devours and feasts upon the inhumane

    Violence is a way of life

    Its also fuckin clear
    we can never coincide
    select your dreams of genocide
    All the venom aside
    Pour it on the arcane
    In times of war everything
    is bound by pain.

    Its all just psychotic devotion
    Manipulated with no discretion
    Warfare knows no compassion
    thrives with no evolution
    Unstable minds
    exacerbate unrest....fear peace.

    There's no future
    The world is dead
    So save that last
    Bullet for your head
    Only the fallen have won
    Because the fallen can't run
    My vision's not obscure
    For war there is no cure
    So hear the only law
    Man can't admit for someone else's cause
    Its all just psychotic devotion
    Manipulated with no discretion
    Its all just psychotic devotion
    Manipulated with no discretion
    ... nightspirit
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    hannemann solosu ile değeri kat kat artan parça. Kerry'nin solosu daha sıradan geliyor bana.
    1. Solo hannemann, 2. Solo Kerry King'e ait solodur.
    ... mert41994