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    r.e.m'in 15. stüydo albümü olan collapse into now'ın ilk şarkısı. gayet keyifli ve eğlenceli bir şarkı, albüme pozitif bir giriş yapmanızı sağlıyor.

    Hey baby this is not a challenge
    It just means that I love you
    As much as I always said I did
    I was wrong
    I have been laughable wrong
    Sandpaper, paper, marche, chalk
    And hung out wet

    On the city and your skin now
    I didn't have to be afraid
    I didn't have to feel so stupid
    I can see myself
    I can feel

    That just the slightest bit of finesse
    Might have made a little less mess
    But it was what it was
    Let's all get on with it now
    ... they killed kenny you bastards