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    ihsahn'ın The Adversary adlı albümünün ikinci şarkısı.

    ahan da sözleri :

    The sky is clouded and grey like a mirror
    Dreams of celestial bliss buried deep
    An invisible web of whispers
    Spread out over dead-end streets
    Silently blessing the virtue of sleep.

    I'm still
    Called by the fire
    My spirit
    Called by the fire
    Yes, I'm still
    Called by the fire
    Called by the fire


    The flickering light
    The heat of the flame creates and devours
    In my soul there is night

    Every day I grow more immune to social sedatives
    Every day the web is more transparent
    United in fear and the comfort of reason
    Illusions that we are all peers
    Walking the stairs I am ever more awake

    The black cloud is beneath me
    And I laugh
    1 ... nebkheperouri
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    (bkz: ateş seni çağırıyor)
    ... nebkheperouri