1. 1.
    deftones un ilk albumu olan adrenaline de bulunan sarkisi
    1 ... bilmem
  2. 2.
    ing. sıkılmış.
    ... gazoz_kapagi
  3. 3.
    (bkz: to get bored)
    ... lilith
  4. 4.
    şarkının sözleri ise şöyledir:

    Hear me spit on you, wither I
    Remold into gold and bury I from - Sun

    Reborn left to sigh, recure maybe I'll
    Be born and simplify - The way I lie - Before

    I get bored
    I'm bored

    Repent by you and trust to figure out
    I burn that gift to doll and let it shine before

    I get bored
    I wish for a real one

    Fit and confide, before me or I
    I will come clean, it gets worse - it's more

    I get bored
    I wish for a real one
    ... alas
  5. 5.
    bizarre fest. 98 deki performansin izlenmesi gereken,deftones un super sarkilarin dan birisi ****
    1 ... max cavelara
  6. 6.
    death angel'in en eğlenceli ve gaz şarkılarından birisi. Frolic Through The Park albümünden.

    Guilty of no crime
    Not enough yet too much time
    I'm burning in this hell
    Plans to buy and dreams to sell

    Sitting by myself
    Living life and loving life
    But something bothers me
    What to do - I can't believe

    I'm bored
    Life it's not so fair
    Nothing here and nothing there
    I'm waiting constantly
    It's not the way life's meant to be

    Boredom starts to set
    I try so hard but it's all I get
    Keep waiting all the time
    I think I've reached
    The end of the line

    I'm bored
    ... guilt and regret
  7. 7.
    fevkin olağan üstü üstünde alade olan bir şarkı.
    ... kocamann
  8. 8.
    national anthem of the UNITED KINGDOM OF BOREDOM! diye tanımlanabilir.

    chino moreno
    ... samuelenko
  9. 9.
    billie eilish'in iç sıkıntısını dile getirdiği hoş şarkısı.

    ... basketbol asigi