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    Çok güzel bir the devil's blood şarkısı sözler ise

    Long have I waited for the hour to strike
    For the stars to grow tired and fall
    Since the birth of the Earth have I waited
    For the sands of its time to run low but tonight I shall wait no more

    I'm leaving now on a trail to sulphur and salt
    Yes, I'm leaving to the havens where all things known halt
    The yonder beckons, the twilight oceans call
    To forbidden shores I'll set my course

    I've seen enough of your little world
    How it helplessly in the darkness twirls
    But from the roaring depths beyond the known
    My maker calls, it's time to go

    I'm leaving now, the sun is sinking in the west
    Yes, I'm leaving, to hell with all the rest
    The yonder beckons, the twilight oceans call
    Towards forbidden shores I'll set my course

    The winds of Apep are upon my sail
    From beneath the waves I hear the old ones sing their song
    And in the distance now the seventh lighthouse burn
    That is where the oceans end and that is where I yearn

    There begins a journey long past the seventh and ever on
    The yonder beckons, I can hear its roaring wail
    From the starless spheres of nothing
    Where the serpent lets loose its tail
    ... aegis