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    pride/fall albümünden dibine kadar melankolik aynı oranda melodik bir noumena şarkısı. sözleri şu şekilde:

    the oath sworn by the faithful
    decades of decayed thoughts, false belief
    crushed by one man with the sword of word
    the chosen one is yet to be come...

    worship the messenger of the true god
    and the pain, which flows from heavens
    hark the messenger of the messiah
    and the punishment, final burning

    masquerade has been going on for
    too long, time to tear off disguise
    the apostate crawling amongst the orthodox
    in wait to swallow the fallen souls of ours

    archtype sunken into our existence
    archtype devours entire common sense

    the legions of the hallowed land
    will follow the truth and holy light
    the saviour invincible in jihad
    will you raise your voice in favour of messiah?
    ... like fire