1. 1.
    (yunanca) (tetra-gramma) dört harf.

    ilk defa genesis'te adı geçen yahudiliğin kutsal sözcüğü, ibaresi. yaklaşık YHWH harflerinden oluşur, yehuvah ya da yehuva olarak telaffuz edilir. efendi, lord, tanrı anlamına gelir. doğru telaffuz edilemez, tanrısaldır. fenikece, eski suriye dili ve ibranice görünümü ve bu bilgilerin ayrıntıları için

    (bkz: yehova)
    ... kackelacka
  2. 2.
    the mars volta ya ait 16:41' lik bir şölen.
    sözlerini de yazayım tam olmasın, dinlemeli bir de

    Tell me it's over, Rusbel awaits I've been to the surface
    And nothing is there, Eyelids sank muffled
    In the nerve aura sound, But when she awakes
    Will she still be with us?

    My heart is darkclots, Leap year is late
    How did you get here, Ask all but the bail
    From a Christ that went hissing
    Constricting his cells
    We summon by candle by book and by bell

    Glossolalia coats my skin
    Glycerin and turbulence
    stuffed the voice inside God
    Mirrors to the animals

    The sermon goes mourning, Pricking it's hail
    Slothful the child, That preys on the seed
    Shall behead the drought, Wound under sleeves
    I hope you have room, In a thicket of vines

    Give me a moment, To clean what you've stole
    The streets will hang high, Stretch ribs and let taste
    We'll cover the smell with silver nitrate
    Mending the cuts of your prosthetic faith

    Glossolalia coats my skin
    Glycerin and turbulence
    Stuffed the voice inside God
    Mirrors to the animals

    Then so long, Dear minemonic
    Assume the form, You've given me and I'll spill

    Now hold on, Just hold my hand
    Say that they made you
    But you brought your own leash
    Tell me no more no, say I'm the last one
    Outside, By the drift, You read my will
    Of thread and itch, Failure to comply
    As failure to decease
    And still you won't know everything
    I've built the fall

    Sulking drained the fall of my pale will
    Swarming by your steps
    Licking the ankles of blasphemer guilts
    It only meant to drape a plastic
    Over the stuck pig scalp of head
    To cover the sock where to flatline had spread
    The kiosk in my temporal lobe
    Is shaped like Rasalyn Carter
    She says my map is home again, But torn face down
    I have only but a million blemishes
    To tell you all about

    In the end they just gagged me
    To make him come out

    Gas me the hind, Of your five legged snare
    Tooth picks the eye, But no things there
    Down drags your waltz, Cross the alter top
    From a sleep that, Depravation knew
    Trespass your form, I'm void of dusk
    I'd ask to look, But the mask stays on

    You'll levitate, Teutonic print
    Cruelty is the wrath, Of my instrument

    In the end they just gagged me
    To make him come out

    You locked the cuffs
    Arsenic erupts

    Will you drink the shadow
    Of my red hair

    You and your falst, Witness to God
    You've one in the chamber,
    But your finger got stuck

    Let slip the sound, Of a cry for help
    But all was lost, On the night you walked

    Palms speak through eyes
    Serve your memory lost
    I cantaminate with insignias

    In the end they just gagged me
    To make him come out

    Glassolalia coats my skin
    Glycerin and turbulence
    Stuffed the voice inside of God
    Mirrors to the animals

    Wait till I get my hands on you
    I won't forget a face that left me
    Just you wait
    Till I get my hands on you
    I can't, You won't remember

    Unwrap my corpse, And let it thaw
    In the eye of the needle, I can't get out

    They'll check my wrist, I'll faint a pulse
    I'm not the human, You thought I was

    If you pet the night, Sixth pentacle dice
    If you roll the seven, St. Michael dies

    They'll be no ransom, Don't shut my mouth
    I scaled the answer, You're afraid of
    ... seybn
  3. 3.
    Philip K. Dick ' in aşmış kitaplarından birisi olan (Eye in the sky) "Gökteki Göz" ' de karakterlerden birinin var ettiği* Tanrı'nın ismi.
    ... scientific mystery
  4. 4.
    yunancada 4 harfli kelime anlamına gelen söz. ibranicede tanrının adını ifade eder, efsaneye göre bu harflerin sırrını çözen golem yaratarak dünyaya hükmedebilecektir.
    2 ... rollercoster
  5. 5.
    (bkz: yhwh)
    ... uhud savasinda tur bindiren at