1. ?.
    1985 çıkışlı dio albümü. parça listesi:

    01 - king of rock and roll
    02 - sacred heart
    03 - another lie
    04 - rock 'n' roll children
    05 - hungry for heaven
    06 - like the beat of a heart
    07 - just another day
    08 - fallen angels
    09 - shoot shoot
    1 ... and oceans
  2. ?.
    (bkz: scrubs)
    1 ... ghost whisperer
  3. ?.
    the old ones speak of winter
    the young ones praise the sun
    and time just slips away

    running into nowhere
    turning like a wheel
    and a year becomes a day

    whenever we dream
    that's when we fly
    so here is a dream
    for just you and i

    we'll fin the sacred heart
    somewhere bleeding in the night
    look for the light
    and find the sacred heart

    here we see the wizard
    staring through the glass
    and he's pointing right at you

    you can see tomorrow
    the answer and the lie
    and the things you've got to do

    oh, sometimes you never fall
    and ah - you're the lucky one
    but oh - sometimes you want it all
    you've got to reach for the sun

    and find the sacred heart
    somewhere bleeding in the night
    oh look to the light
    you fight to kill the dragon
    and bargain with the beast
    and sail into a sight

    you run along the rainbow
    and never leave the ground
    and still you don't know why

    whenever you dream
    you're holding the key
    it opens the door
    to let you be free

    and find the sacred heart
    somewhere bleeding in the night
    run for the light
    and you'll find the sacred heart

    a shout comes from the wizard
    the sky begins to crack
    and he's looking right at you - quick
    run along the rainbow
    before it turns to black - attack

    dio un harika ötesi seslendirdiği parçası.dinledikçe dinlersin
    ... silvey
  4. 1.
    doğu yücel'in varolmayanlar'ının girişinde türkçe sözleriyle yer alan şahane eser. ne zaman dinlesem kitaba yolculuk ediyorum yeniden.
    ... birdamlaumut
  5. 2.
    finis per somnium repperio tibi sacra cor veeficus ostium aurum.
    ... kurdofil