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    jewel ın çok hoş bir şarkısı.

    sözler :

    Mary heard boys talking in voices low
    Said she werent no spring chicken
    Like she didnt already know
    So she called up jack from a few years back
    She turned him down once in his one room shack
    She said now baby, you dont look that bad

    Cuz everybody needs someone sometime
    Everybody needs someone, cant you see?
    Everybody needs someone sometime

    Spivy leaks was a drip of a man
    He looked like a potato shoved into jeans
    He recollects it wasnt that long ago
    That he could walk by
    Make the young girls scream
    But he thought hed just let it all slide
    Let it all pass
    Cuz he thought love was best on the run
    He said now baby, it dont seem that fun


    Hey there honeybee
    Will you give me...sugar?
    And if you shake real cute
    I might give you some sugar
    I was doin alright on my own
    Now I might just take you home sugar

    Sister mary used to be a nun
    She thought that shed retire and have her some fun
    Mr. joe of the philadelphia joes
    Well he walked in the post office one night
    He said hey sweetheart, you know you look alright

    Chorus to fade
    ... lilith