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    cradle of filth in yeni single ının adı.
    ... darken
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    2006 çıkışlı thornography albümüne ait cof parçası.

    "carrion my name
    for those who choose to mouth the curse
    a tragic serenade
    with judas in my stride
    the gothic halls of shame
    where statues coldly hold no worse
    than the murders i reclaim
    from a dark, forsaken time"

    kissing heaven, spent
    he wipes lips free of his hectic discharge
    wishing to repent
    for the brute that ravaged free
    in slight hands beauty weeps
    conquest's deep methodical screwing
    hurt repeatedly
    like the world wound at his feet

    dirge inferno

    as it is written, damn it
    so let it be wrung
    from throats of those in overthrow
    the past at last has come

    a savage bit without respite
    pervades the freezing air
    this winter chill, grist for his mill
    if tears of joy will blear elsewhere
    and church bells drown in the cracks of doom
    the storms above us hew
    as lightning runs like bifurcate tongues
    deflowering two by two

    hissing, malcontent
    he storms the skies on electric discharge
    pissing in contempt
    on the effigies of the weak
    killing all resolve
    the great beast simmers, his scarlet women
    spit their vitriol
    on the terrified face of peace

    dirge inferno

    as it is written, damn it
    so let it be wrung
    from throats of those in overthrow
    our past at last has come

    a hellbound heart, the rose and thorn
    have locked to hasten blood
    the moon disrobes, to harden droves
    of legions pouring
    these rivers press, his breath adorns
    senates and enemy seats
    whilst his power takes as ingratitude
    the writhing of the weak

    "wormwood my name
    the poisoned star that fell to earth
    and blistered free of shame
    in the pits of self-rebirth
    now those caves become a garret
    overseeing endless barracks
    as the waters turn to claret
    and the vatican satins burn"
    ... renewagner
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    cradle of filth'in live söylerken sıçtığı full bilgisayar efektli parçasıdır
    ... nfscarboncu