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    Dear God,
    I have a letter here from me to dad,
    and I want you to know it might be a little sad.

    (Here it Goes)

    Dear dad, I really didn't get to know you
    Sometimes I sit and wonder and it makes me blue
    But there is one memory that stays on the back of my mind
    And this memory got me thinking about you all the time
    Oh Pa, I swear we miss you so
    And I wish that you were here to see your boys grow.
    In Case you are wondering, Mommy she's doing fine
    And tell me story, bout you papa all the time
    So when I'm down and out, lonely or just feeling blue
    All I do is think of you
    The thoughts all erase my fears and drive my tears
    I'm just writing to let you know someone cares
    Daddy I love you, I Love you, really really love you
    Daddy I miss you, I miss you and I know my brothers and sisters do too
    And I know you gave your love to the people
    And some of whom you can trust they deceive you
    But betrayal brings another day
    At least thats what my mother say
    And when Im thru I'll place this letter in the Bible
    And I'm gone pray to Jah to send his disciple
    To deliver you this letter
    It will make me feel better
    ... samo