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    dört dakikalık bir aerosmith şarkısıdır.

    you act like a prima donna
    playing so hard to get
    sittin' so cool and nonchalant
    draggin' on a cigarette

    you keep a wall all around ya
    'n I'll get through some day
    'n I want your love babe, if push comes to shove
    gonna chip that wall away

    chip away
    chip away at the stone
    I won't stop 'til your love is my very own
    chip away
    that's what I'm gonna do
    sweet little mama I wanna get next to you

    you stand like a marble statue
    trying to look so hard
    all decked out in your antique dress
    while the boys all promenade

    even a rock will crumble
    if you strike it night and day
    if hammer I must, I'm gonna get through your crust
    gonna chip that stone away

    chip it, I'm gonna nip it, all night long
    ... schizofrenne