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    2017 çıkışlı hoş bir joshua james şarkısı. Sözleri de şöyle:

    I wish somebody would just sleep here over
    to check I'm breathin'
    To lie that everything's all right
    The situation's a bit more complicated
    than I make it, I feel a bit too broke to fight
    Now I'm the dress that's hangin who never gets to be put on
    A singer with a broken tongue
    A rotten apple, a flattened cola
    I wish somebody would just sleep here over

    Everything in time
    Everything has got a line
    You'd like to change
    But it takes some changing
    Try bein' honest, I'll tell you what I really see
    A car on car collision, where no on gets to make it home
    A broken bodie's pieces scattered on a phantom road
    You never see it comin don't ya know
    I don't know what I expect to happen
    A rabbit from a hat, The clock to turn it all back
    The damage done but it feel no easier
    Then when it started. I hate to hear that time will make…

    All my anger lighter
    It's hard just to hear the name
    You say that you've been workin on it
    I know but I still feel the same
    I see it but I feel the same way
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