fesin aslında yunan şapkası olması

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    Fesin , türklerle bir ilgisi yok .

    Akdeniz bölgesi insanlarının giydiği

    Bir serpuş .

    The fez may have originated in ancient Greece,[6][7] or the Balkans,[8] initially during the

    Byzantine reign, and subsequently, during the Ottoman period,

    various Slavs, mostly

    Bosniaks and Serbs, started wearing the head-wear.[citation needed]

    The fez is a part of the traditional clothing of Cyprus, and is still worn by some Cypriots

    today. Traditionally, women wore a red fez over their heads,
    instead of a headscarf, while

    men wore a black or red cap.[9] The fez was sometimes worn by men with material (similar to
    a wrapped keffiyeh or turban) around the base. In his 1811 journey to Cyprus, John Pinkerton

    describes the fez, "a red cap turned up with fur", as "the proper

    Greek dress".[10] In the

    Karpass Peninsula, white caps are worn, a style considered to be based on ancient Cypriot

    Hellenic-Phoenician attire, thus preserving men's head-wear from 2,700 years earlier.[11]

    Bazı mason localarında fes giyilir .


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